Activate your Investors: Monthly Investor Updates in 5 Bullets

Common Concerns with putting together updates:

  • I am busy building a company and I will get around to updating investors.
  • I am worried the update might get shared around and leak our inner workings.
  • I’m not killing it right now. I’ll wait till I have something positive to share.
  • It’s a lot of work and I rather focus on the company.
  • I have a board now and those early investors are a bit out of touch.

Some of my companies have done a great job of updating their investors in ways that are convenient to them. Sometimes that’s just what they are sharing internally with their company and a version of that with the investors. The point is to not do double the work but to stay on investors top of mind.

  • Series B: sends weekly aggregated new customer emails to investors.
  • Series Seed: RadAI sends weekly milestone emails with new customer contracts and upsells
  • Series Seed: Mapistry sends all sorts of impressive metrics and charts in their monthly updates.
  • Series Seed: Openprise sends monthly financials along with target revenue vs. actual review every month.
  • Series A: PulseQA shares a version of their deck from the board meeting
  • Series Seed: Capsule shares an updated version of their investment memo on notion. I love this as if someone were you invest at that exact moment there is a lot of clarity on how the company comes across to their audience.
Sample Investor Update Image

How to structure the updates in 5 bullets?

  1. How’s it going? Any major things to note? Churn, Big wins, what’s working / not working
  2. Company Dashboard: What are you tracking? MRR, Engagement, Burn, Money in bank (Runway)? When is your next raise?
  3. Your next milestone: 30 customers in 3 months, $1m ARR in 6 months, 10 new hires, etc.
  4. Help you need to get there:
  • Strategic: Pricing, upsell, etc. or Intros to customers, open job roles (always share a link), etc.
  • Ideal Customer Profile — List of Companies & Roles of people you want introductions to. Kinds of companies you want introductions to — size, sector, certain tech stack, etc.
  • Blurb: Your new company blurb to share with potential intros.




Enterprise DeepTech Engineer & Investor at Array Ventures ( AI/ML, Robotics, and BigData.

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By Shruti Gandhi

By Shruti Gandhi

Enterprise DeepTech Engineer & Investor at Array Ventures ( AI/ML, Robotics, and BigData.

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