11 Startup Opportunities in Enterprise

1. General AI Tools

Companies that help AI developers be more efficient. This is still a large opportunity and the AI adoption in enterprise is just in its infancy.

2. Enterprise Compliance

More startups need to go through security and compliance checks such as SOC2 and HIPAA before they can work with their customers or go through M&A. We are looking to make a bet in specific thesis here.

3. Procurement

Enterprise buying motion is changing. Decision making is shifting to disperse teams with ad hoc buying patterns. New tools around global and local vendor management, data around things like vendor product showcasing, supplier / buyer onboarding, etc.

4. API Management

With the rise of microservices there is a need for better management, discovery, security, search of APIs across companies and with their customers.

5. Product Discovery

Corporates are inundated with startup requests. We are looking for a way to manage and facilitate the process of startup discovery for large companies.

6. Dynamic Access Management

Managing application by application access and dynamic access as necessary is the next gen of data and identity management.

7. Metered Pricing / Value-based Pricing

We believe the current billing tools don’t work well with the next gen of usage based pricing companies.

8. Email and Application Security

Next gen of tools around phishing, spam, fraud, etc.

9. Data Tools

Companies around data lineage or cataloguing, synthetic data generation, data management.

10. Large Scale Online Transactions

Getting rid of manual invoices and payments even for large transactions. Bringing transparency, trust, and automation across all industries.

11. Marketing and Sales Tools

The one thing that’s clear is companies that nailed marketing during covid won in sales. Enterprise sales was hard without the “wining and dining” and tools that help companies close deals are essential.

Generally, companies that enable a future we can work in more productively, securely, and collaboratively

Future of work is going to be hybrid with in-person and remote offices but with better collaboration and knowledge management tools. The world has experimented with outsourced teams, local teams, and now we are entering a new wave of experiments with dispersed talent.



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By Shruti Gandhi

By Shruti Gandhi

Enterprise DeepTech Engineer & Investor at Array Ventures (www.array.vc). AI/ML, Robotics, and BigData.